2021 Show

Exhibitor Information


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The Beacon Business & Leisure Show is a trade show designed to promote  locally based Eastern Bay of Plenty businesses however in 2021 we are inviting non-competitive businesses to book after the 02nd November 2020. 


Booking Dates

From 07th September 2020 - Eastern Bay of Plenty Only

From 02nd November 2020 - All Businesses 

The Beacon Business & Leisure Show Committee & Show Management reserve the right to decline any Exhibitor application and any such decision is final.




An Exhibition Hire Company is contracted  to supply and build the Show booths.

A standard 2m x 3m booth will look like the drawing to the left. The side walls come out 1.2m however you have the full 2m floor space. Wall height is 2.3m. Our Frontrunner panels are covered with durable black fabric, they look great and are versatile & practical.

The Panel System used are Velcro receptive panels. Panels are dividers between Exhibitors and are NOT load bearing. Small nails, staples, velcro and drawing pins are acceptable, but must be removed at the end of the show to avoid additional cost to you for removal and to avoid injury to workers during breakdown. Panel width is approx. 30mm so nails etc. need to be shorter than this.

No permanent markings of any kind are permitted on the panels, any damage will be charged. Please do not screw into the panels or use bluetack or tape on the panels as these will permanently damage the panels.



Power is booked and changed for per 10 Amp Supply. Each 10 Amp supply comes with 1 X 4 Way Multibox.


Spotlights are available for hire when you complete your booking. Spotlights are a cheap and effective way or highlighting important information on your stand. 


TV Hooks are available if you are planning to hang an LCD screen or similar.


All electrical equipment being used at the Show must have a current Test Tag. We encourage all Exhibitors to have their equipment tested & tagged prior to the show. All electrical equipment being used at the Show will be inspected. If your electrical items have not been tested, they will be tested by our Event Electrician free of charge