Health & Safety

The EBOP Business and Leisure Show Committee is committed to protecting the Health and Safety of our volunteers, exhibitors and the public by conducting our business in a safe and socially responsible manner.


To accomplish this, we will comply with all applicable laws and regulations and strive to integrate health and safety considerations into all aspects of our business activities.

The Business and Leisure Show Committee supports and encourages continuous improvement in safety performance.

You can download our Policy Statements using the links located to the right of this webpage. 

A full copy of the Beacon Business & Leisure Show Health & Safety Policy is available upon request. 


Each and Every individual working at the Beacon Business & Leisure Show 2018 must complete the Site Induction before they start any form of work at the show.


All staff must report to the site office via main entry to receive an induction on arrival - this must be completed before commencing work your stand.

Once  the Site induction is completed, each person will be issued with event accreditation which must be worn at all times during the pack in, pack out and operation of the event.


Exhibitor aaccreditation must be worn at all times while working on site. This identifies the site induction has been completed. Passes MUST NOT be given from one person to another individual, everyone must obtain their own pass from the site office once they have completed the Health & Safety Induction.


One person per organisation is required to take responsibility for the Health and Safety of their site. This includes ensuring that the site meets all of the 2018 Beacon Business & Leisure Show Health and Safety Guidelines along with ensuring that all staff working on the stand during the Pack in, Show operation and Pack out complete the Site Health & Safety Induction.