2019 Health & Safety Induction

Welcome to the Beacon Business & Leisure Show 2019 Health & Safety Induction.


Please note that  each and every exhibitor, staff member and contractor working at the Beacon Business & Leisure show 2019 must complete this induction in order to be accredited for the event. 

Map in Grass

Part A - Fire Exits & Evacuation Assembly Point 

Please study the below site plan carefully to ensure you are familiar with the location of all fire exits, first extinguishers and the evacuation assembly point. 

Part B - Show specific Health & Safety Information

Please take careful note of the following site specific H&S Information relevant to the 2019 Beacon business & Leisure Show. 

  1. First Aid is located at Reception in the foyer or attainable from any member of the Beacon Business & Leisure Show staff. 

  2. The location of the nearest AED (Automated external defibrillator) is at the Whakatane Aquatic Centre – 28 Short St, Whakatane 3120 

  3. The instructions and direction of all Beacon Business & Leisure show staff must be followed at all times. 

  4. The event Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification Board is located in the main foyer of the venue. 

  5. All cables and mats must be taped down to the floor. 

  6. All electrical items must be under 10 amps (Unless otherwise arranged)

  7. All electrical items used at the Business & Leisure show 2019 MUST display a current test tag. Any electrical items not displaying this certification will be tested by BBLS electricians. 

  8. No children under the age of 15 are permitted in the venue during Pack in or Pack out. 

  9. Enclosed footwear must be worn at all times during Pack in and Pack out.

  10. Personal Protective Equipment must be worn at all times while completing tasks where required. 

  11. Vehicles must not be left unattended in loading zones at any times.

  12. Emergency exits and Fire Fighting equipment must not be blocked at any time. 

  13. If you introduce any potential hazards to the the 2019 Business & Leisure Show a risk assessment must be provided to event management. If you are unsure ask!

  14. All incidents, accidents and near misses need to be reported to Event Management immediately. 

  15. No alterations can be made to the frontrunner exhibition panels by anyone other than Peek Exhibition or event staff. If you require alterations to be made to your site please visit reception. 

  16. Your accreditation must be worn at all times. This accreditation can be collected from reception once you have completed this Health & Safety Induction. 

  17. Security is very important to us. Exterior doors must not be unlocked or opened without the permission of event staff. 

  18. At no time may any exhibitor, staff member or contractor be working under the influence of drugs or alcohol.