Many particpating Exhibitors put a lot of hard work and effort into creating a Show-stopping Stand at the Beacon Business and Leisure Show.


The Supreme Stand Awards are all about recognition of this hard work. Our judging panel consists of a team of independent and impartial Eastern Bay locals who work to the following criteria. Their notes will be available as feedback to any Exhibitors who want to know which areas to work on.

It is important to note that the evaluation is not judged on the amount of money spent on your display but the creativity and presentation behind your  idea.


Signage/Branding effectiveness:

Clarity and visual impact. Does the exhibit satisfy the basic prerequisite of brand identification, i.e. is the Exhibitor's branding clearly visible from all available approaches? Is it immediately clear what the Exhibitor is selling or promoting? Marked out of 20 points

Site Design, Creativity, Presentation:

Is it well balanced and aesthetically pleasing? Does the site have an innovative design - have they sought to explore new and interesting materials or possibly decided to use traditional materials in a more imaginative and interesting way? Does the site relate to customers/ does it connect with the audience? How original is the concept/booth uniqueness. Marked out of 20 points

Promotional Goods

Do you have pamphlets, business cards, gooduse of colour, visible logo and visual appeal. Do display goods have a clear, effective layout, not too busy - all material must be easy to read. Marked out of 20 points.


  • $2000 Advertising credit from Radio Bay of Plenty Ltd

  • $1000 Advertising credit from the Whakatane Beacon

  • $500 Advertising credit from Whakatane.Info